Live in the moment!


This is a prime example of living in the moment, at least for me anyway. One thing that just came to me this past week is that I need to focus on what is most important. That includes minimizing my social media (aka distractions), primarily Instagram because I noticed how much it just took over my life. Sounds ridiculous, but don't lie! That damn app really sucks you in. I'm just tired of people hungry for followers and likes. I'd rather be hungry for food, most especially a shrimp burrito from El Zarape. An incessant craving, ya'll.

I'd consider myself to be more of an introvert. When I'm around a lot of people for a long period of time, it really drains me physically and mentally. So, I like to get away from it all and recharge. Same effect with Instagram. The constant photo scrolling of everyone's daily moments can really take a toll on me. Sometimes I see things that I just don't want to see, or things people post just become repetitive. It's been 11 days of no Instagram and quite frankly, I don't miss it much. I'm able to focus on my art, I finished a project that was just long overdue, I'm catching up on some much needed reading, and I'm actually enjoying meals at home and in public without persistently checking my phone. I'm simply soaking in life, and enjoying the little things I come across. It feels SO DAMN GOOD. I'd rather be living my life than spending hours vicariously living through someone's photo. This doesn't mean that I'm totally removing Instagram from my radar, I'm just limiting my time on it. A lot. I think we're better off as acquaintances for now.

I was able to sleep before 11pm last night, having enough sleep to wake up early for my morning jog. I then spent at least an hour painting away in my new sketchbook. Definitely one of the best feelings in the world for me, having a one on one session with Mother Nature and feeling levelheaded.

Hope you all are enjoying your week so far! :)

Note: I won't be posting all of my sketchbook scans on here, so if you're interested, follow me on Tumblr for more of my art: charlenevillena.


  1. I know what you mean when you scroll through instagram & see things you don't want to see. I felt like that with Facebook so I deactivated it all together & haven't been on for more than a year. I hope instagram doesn't become like that though because I do enjoy looking at some of the food porn on there haha.
    & I love your painting (I love all of the actually), you have so much talent!

    The Fashann Monster

  2. Aw that's great! I know how you feel. I'm an introvert and definitely know the physical and emotional draining feeling you mentioned. You are so talented! This is a beautiful piece :D

  3. Such nice words :)


  4. I'm so happy that you're finding some time for yourself. I totally understand how you feel too. Sometimes I feel like I'm so overwhelmed with everyones' public lives that I forget to focus more on myself. Your work is so beautiful though, and I'm glad that you're taking the time to work on your art. Happy weekend to you :)


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